NowItaly Interviews Lenora Boyle

Lenora consulting her Italian dictionary in Italy

Lenora consulting her Italian dictionary in Italy

Over a cup of coffee, Liliana Rosana from NowItaly interviewed me as an Italian-American, dual citizen of Italy. She wanted to know more about me and how I began leading my Italy Retreats.

And the story begins….“The first time she visited Italy, in 2006, she felt at home right away. Since then, she has combined her passion for Italy with her passion for helping others to be happier and to live the ‘sweet life’. Her italianness does not need to be explained.”   Continued here… Continue reading

FAQ and Workshop Description for Italy Retreat

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Italy Workshop 2014

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life.
~~ Mary Oliver from “The Summer Day”

With my one wild and precious life I want to live it to the fullest—choosing the sweet life, la dolce vita. And I choose to help others discover how they can happily live their one wild and precious life. One way I do that is through these Italy Retreats.

I wanted to clarify the ‘workshop’ aspect of my Italy Retreat. Even though most of our time is spent exploring Italy, I want to  explain how I weave my work of 23 years and my practice of living the sweet life into the trip.

 What Do We Learn in the Workshop?

1. Sweet Life Practices that include: tools and techniques that help you manifest your ‘sweet life’ (la dolce vita) and empower you to find your voice.
2. Dialogue technique for happiness using the Option Method.
3. Tools for nurturing, increasing happiness and success.
4. Dissolving limiting beliefs and blocks to living your precious life.

Click here to learn about the Option Method for Happiness, one of the tools I use in this workshop.

I believe we learn best when there is a climate of acceptance, trust and fun. Traveling in and of itself teaches us so much about ourselves. Italy does that in spades, Then I create a delicious blend of activity, adventure and reflection that create connection through sharing meals, laughter, stories and workshops moments .

My work has always been about focusing on desires, knowing and manifesting what you want, while dissolving limiting beliefs in a gentle natural way.

For example, you will participate in writing exercises and small group experiences often while sipping a cup of cappuccino.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Do We Meet during the workshop part of the trip?
I select moments and places that lend themselves to reflection and conversation that leads to finding our own voices and bliss.

We meet in sunny cozy meeting rooms or sit in piazzas, rooftop terraces in the fresh air overlooking the colorful houses of the cinque Terre, and on cliff sides overlooking the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. We make room to bring a richness of spirit that even Italy cannot provide on its own.

How Often Do We Meet for the workshop?
During the 10-day Retreat, we meet for 12 hours of workshop time. We do travel as a group to eight towns interspersed with workshop time. There is also free time.

For instance, one day we meet for 2-3 hours for the workshop, and the next day we explore one of the 7 towns  such as the thermal springs and caves of Grotta Giusto in Monsumanno for our wonderful spa day and massage.

Is there enough time to savor Italy?
Well, you could be there a lifetime and it would not be enough time to fully savor Italy. However, you have lots of time to experience and create heartfelt cultural connections.  The Retreat I’ve created is more than just experiencing Italy–it’s also about discovering your own riches. You get to live in Italy for 10 days, and also have the chance to create, heal your soul, nourish your heart, find your voice, and open into your sweet life.

Is This Workshop an Intense Processing Experience?
It is more about opening to possibilities, happiness and la dolce vita, the sweet life. More fun than anything intense.  We’ll be walking, hiking, biking, eating scrumptious Italian food, while we intersperse the workshop activities. I like to think that all of our activities are part of the overall experience of the ‘workshop’.

What is the Sweet Life, La Dolce Vita?
Life in Italy is built around making connections with neighbors, in the outdoor markets and stores. That’s what we do with the fantastic like-minded women we travel with and with everyone we meet. You are supported by each other and transformed by the beauty that surrounds you.

Stretching, trying something new creates a sweet life. You will be more empowered and self-sufficient–able to manifest so much more happiness in your life.  La dolce vita, is the sweet life of dancing in the streets, walking, learning, sharing meals, connecting, spiritually and emotionally growing, throwing open the windows to the sounds of the locals outside beginning their day, and making lifelong friends.

You can re-create much of this when you return home (maybe the gelato will not be as tasty though). You will return home with life-changing experiences and a set of Sweet Life Practices to keep it all going, for manifesting La Dolce Vita in your life, wherever you go.

 Who will I meet?
The women who join me for this Italy Retreat are awesome, courageous, fun-loving, young-at-heart! They have become my lifelong friends, and you will connect with your group in the same way.

You’ll meet women like Monica and Sallee. The other day Sallee wrote this to me, “My experiences from the 2009 Italy Retreat is a resource for me when I want to live happiness and the sweet life!  I call upon that experience when I want to remember what joy and happiness feels like. It’s an experience that lives in my heart and soul. There’s something about being in all that blue sky, blue ocean country and then doing the blue sky list of desires. The sky’s the limit. That Retreat was a pivotal AHA experience for me to create my life from bigger more fulfilling possibilities.”

Monica, joining the 2013 Retreat, told me: “Since I said yes to the Italy Retreat, my energy levels have increased, my outlook has changed to hope for the future and amazing ideas for my future work have been popping up in my mind ever since. Finding Lenora’s website full of zest for life, is divine intervention and my 20 year old dream of going to Italy is being fulfilled, and best of all I even get the experience of personal transformation.”

For more details and pricing for the Italy Retreat, click here.

Any questions? Contact me – I am happy to answer any questions.



Beginning of Trail from Monterosso to Vernazza

Beginning of Trail from Monterosso to Vernazza

Happiness in Italy

During this holiday season, the joys of spending time with family and friends, come to the forefront. And in the midst of a world sometimes seemingly gone off the deep end, it is time to remember to find joy, laugh a little, love a lot.

One of the reasons I created the Italy Retreat for Women experience was for that very purpose. Experience another culture, break out of our comfort zone, laugh a lot and manifest our heart’s desire. The Mediterranean sunshine and the turquoise waters added to the delicious cuisine, culture and beauty create an atmosphere of happiness.

Enjoy this video of Cindy, feeling the bliss in Italy, during my 4th Annual Italy Retreat for Women to live la dolce vita. Notice the passion of life going on in the background.

Remnants of the castle walls in Portovenere, Italy often called the 6th Cinque Terre town

Italian Desserts!

The sampling of desserts is from Miky Restaurant in Monterosso, one of the Cinque Terre towns.
I wish for all of you a holiday filled with lots of moments of happiness and humor as it heals any loneliness and hurt in your life.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Buon Natale!